Large Rock Retaining Wall

Some pictures and information on a large rock retaining wall and staircase that was built by me and my friends Murray, Kevin, and Darrell. Click images to view larger image.  See part 2 here.


Before, old concrete block steps.

Pickup truck loaded with the rocks used for the wall. We used both a smaller skid steer and a Kubota B21 tractor to move the rocks. The tractor was better suited to the job..

We gathered rocks from a field near my house that was being used by a construction company to temporarily dump excavated material. This is the skid steer we used for the first weekend. $145/day, 1.5 day charge for Friday evening to Monday morning.

Murray loading my pickup truck with the skid steer. We did 5 loads of rock the first weekend.

Progress after first weekend.

The next weekend I rented the larger Kubota B21 tractor for $195/day, 1.5 days for Friday evening to Sunday evening. Plus $40 delivery either way. Here it is excavating for the upper retaining wall.

Kevin using the tractor to position a rock.

3/4" clear crushed stone was placed in behind the lower rocks, then weeping tile was put down, covered in landscape fabric and back filled.

Progress after working Friday night and all of Saturday.

End of second weekend. Mostly done, still need to add bottom steps and clean up, plant something and reseed grass.

Side view, upper landing. Stairs from landing to top of hill will be redone with stone soon.

Before and after shot. part 2 here


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