Canoe Stand


Some photos of the completed canoe stand made from the plans produced by Wayne Lennox published by Cottage Life. Download the plans here. I did not use the chain and links for leveling the legs. As my property was fairly level I plumbed the legs then cut 4x4 braces approximately 26" in length with 45 degree ends. These were attached in a similar fashion as the other 4x4 bracing called out in the plans. If I were to build it again I would use two 8' 2x4 in place of the 55" 2x4 for the bracing, as the 4x4 get very bendy once the roof is attached, the extra support of the 2x4 extending the full length of the legs is needed. I also used 4-1/2" TimberLok bolts where ever I could. Cost June 2011 ~$1000 (premium cedar).

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