Who says you can't do landscape work in the middle of February in -20C weather? Some pictures of the Inukshuk (Inuksuk, Inushuk) that me and Kris made.


In an attempt to get a level base, after chipping away the ice, we tried to warm up the ground.

My little helper Kristen walking past the Inukshuk.

Kris doing her impression of the Inukshuk.

Me with the rock.

The left over rocks are supposed to look like water with a fish. Kris falls over while sitting on the rock we were going to use as the head, but it was too heavy.

View of the Inukshuk from the deck.

Water colour Kris painted, scene is from the path in the near by woods. Return to Projects Page.

View of the Inukshuk in the summer, he is now King of the Ferns.


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