Splitting Stone with Feather And Wedge


Splitting Granite with Feather and Wedge. The feather and wedges are available from Trow and Holden . Stone being split is Polycor Grey (Standstead Grey). I purchased the sawn slabs from Granite Center Beebe (no web page, phone # 1-819-876-7888), Standstead Quebec. This is an 8" thick slab.

The Process:

Start by marking out the cut line, then drill the holes, for this stone I drill every 6". Next I go over the cut line with a large 3" tracer tool (you can get that at Trow and Holden too). Not necessary but gives a nicer edge. Then place in the feather and wedges. Make sure that the part to be split off is "floating", support the other part of the stone along the cut line. Then hammer in the wedges.